Step-by-step Guide to Clear Aligner Treatment Process

You must have heard about traditional metal braces and their effectiveness. Nevertheless, wearing metal makes wearers self-conscious about their smil

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You must have heard about traditional metal braces and their effectiveness. Nevertheless, wearing metal makes wearers self-conscious about their smile and appearance.

On the other hand, clear aligners are more inconspicuous and comfortable alternative. If you are planning to go for clear aligner treatment, here is a step-by-step guide.

The initial consultation

The initial consultation sets the course towards a straighter smile. Sprayberry Orthodontics has an experienced staff and uses digital technology for braces and Invisalign treatment. During the first visit, the dentist at the facility:

  • Assesses your overall oral health to determine if clear aligners are the right fit for you.
  • Discusses your cosmetic goals and correction of any underlying issues.
  • Takes X-rays and 3D scans of your jaw and teeth to diagnose your existing dental situation.

These information and diagnose reports help the dentist to craft a personalized treatment plan.

Craft a treatment plan

With an understanding of your existing teeth arrangement, the dentist creates a digital 3D model of your mouth. The model allows for precise planning of the entire treatment course.

The software imitates the movement of your teeth overtime, displaying the projected final result. You can visualize your anticipated new smile, which keeps you reassured and motivated throughout the process.

Create the aligners

Based on digital information, a series of customized clear aligners are created. BPA-free plastic material is used to craft these aligners.

Each aligner in the series is intended to apply gentle and controlled pressure on your teeth, slowly moving them towards the planned goal.

You will receive a set, usually enough for several weeks and be instructed on how often to switch them out.

The aligner journey

For the success of your treatment within the anticipated time duration, it is essential to wear your Invisalign consistently.

The recommended wear time is more than 20 hours a day. You have to remove it only while eating or drinking and brushing.

Following this schedule in a disciplined manner ensures that your teeth are under constant pressure, facilitating the planned movement.

Regular check-ups & monitoring

Regular check-up sessions as planned allow the dentist to monitor the treatment progress. They also check the fit of the aligners and address your concerns, if any. If needed, adjustments are made to your treatment plan.

Adjustments or refinements

If at any point, your teeth is not moving as planned, minor adjustments are made to the aligners. It is called ‘Refinement’ and majoiryt of clear aligner treatment plans include them. Refinements ensure that your teeth attain their final desired positions.

Retainers – the finishing touch

On completion of treatment, you achieve the dream smile. Now, the dentist will recommend retainers.

It helps you to maintain your new smile by preventing the newly position teeth from moving back to its original position. Retainers need to be worn all life but the frequency of wearing is less.

If you are the right candidate for invisalign, it is a transformative experience. It empowers you to share confident smile with the world.